Preissler Ivan


born April 28, 1953, Czechoslovakia
dead April 1, 2002, Czech Republic


1969 - 1973 High School, Dobris, Czechoslovakia
1984 - 1985 Language School, Prague, Czechoslovakia
1985 - 1986 Academia Sotto-Messa, Madrid, Spain (oil painting)
1987 - 1991 The Rivington School (Sculpture Garden),
                    East Village, New York (neoist performance and network).

My son Ivan Preissler was born on 28th April 1953 in Brezové Hory by Pribram,
where his grandparents were forced to remove with his mother within 14 days.
The reason of this outrage was the fact, that his granfather rejected to be member
of the Communist Party. They had to leave a luxury apartement in the centre
of Prague and live now in a moist cottage without bathroom and WC.
Under these conditions I gave birth to Ivan. Owing to the unhealty living
circumstances Ivan was often and seriously ill.

He made his first little works at the age of 1 ¾ years. Since that time he continued
in painting all his life. However, he couldn´t take part in any creative competition,
artly for the negative position of the family to the régime, partly for the fact,
that nobody wanted to believe, that he painted it without help of an adult.

After his Secondary school studies in Dobris he had no hope of being accepted
for studies in a creative school. For this reason he started to work in Hamiro, a toys
producing factory. In order to get out of the gloomy world of the „uran gold – diggers“
and of the supervision of the states policy of Pribram, where he had been all the time
interrogated, and where his 10 writing – pads with very good caricatures
of the Pribram´s policy were confiscated, he left to Prague and later found
a small apartement in the center of the capital.

However the persecution continuated and now he kept on being called up
tu the saddly known State Security in the Bartolomej Street. In that time
he was working in a hospital for the smallest children.

All the time of the existence of the totality régime he was actively working
in the underground movement.

The political oppression did not cease and so in 1985 he decided to emigrate
first to Spain and then to Chicago and later to New York. His apartement and
the furnishings were confiscated after his walk – out.

In 1991 he returned back to his native country. At his return he asked for restore
of his apartement or compensatory apartement. He was told, that he might live
in my apartement. He did not receive any financial recompense as well as me,
in spite of my request for the restore of my occupied apartement from 50tees.

Fortunately I succeeded to find an apartement in Prague, after my parent´s
and husband´s death, the extent of which was enough for me and my son.

The bad state of Ivan´s health got worse from day to day,
aside from the immunity loss he got ill of boreliosis and his spleen got
seriously affected causing an excessive arising of red blood corpuscles.
Aside from all his deseases he suffered a head–injury with a broken cranial bone
and brain-bleeding. In 2001 he was in the hospital in such a serious health state,
that the doctors gave him no hope to survive. But he got better, by wonder.
Newertheles in the fatal of 2002 there was no life-saving for him.

So this is a brief biography of my son, whose existence was so important for me.
His influence on me was very strong and very positive. He tought me
not to be subjected to emotions, how to resolve situations, how to learn speaking
only about important matters and distinguish what is and what is not important,
how to regard the world, how to understand the people, the animals, the plants
and the so called lifeless material. He expalined me the bassis of all religions
and the origin and extiction of our planet, which once is to come, and why.
He was very modest in dressing and eating. He knew to be grateful
for every small gift. He knew to held large fast from food and „from words“.

He loveled his friends at home and from abroad and he appreciated them.
He knew to find out how much goodness is in every person
and highly regarded them. He never slandered and even gave no ear
to malicious gossip. When anybody injured him, he did not speak about it,
but suffered alone, without complaining of it to anybody.

Ten days before his death and before Easter feast he began to keep fast from food,
drinks and words. The day before he died, he went for a walk to out modern cemetery
on a slope of the hill Havlin (historical residence of the Premysl dynasty).
The cemetery is one of the most beautiful in Europe, full of verdure
and with a view of the river Vltava and the surrounding hills. Whem he returned home,
he told me that, in today´s „civilized“ world it is necessary that men should be cremated.
I felt in this an instruction for me to realize his desire, in spite of the fact,
that, in that moment I did not apprehended anything.

                                                                                  Prajzlerova Eva,