Preissler Ivan

Hearty welcome

Dear friends,

After publishing nine books from my son Ivan´s literary heritage,
inspired by my friends I decided to create a website dedicated to Ivan.
The previously available so called blog has turned unsuited to its purpose
due to being overloaded with advertising that obscured and debased
the messages mediated by it.

I believe that this new layout, which makes the existing oeuvre of my son
available at maximum, will captivate you and will give you a new view
of Ivan´s oeuvre.

I would like express my thanks to Mr. František Prokop who has contributed
by the web design in evidencing unprecedented understanding and quick
reactions to my ideas.

I give thanks also to Mr. Josef M. Šafránek for encouraging me to create
this website. Without his generous help, patience and exemplary diligence,
this website could never come true.

                                                                                                    Eva Prajzlerová